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House Rules.

You would like to think that all your friends know the rules, they've been to your house a million times and they've never pooped on the floor before.

Every home game has it's own rules and the top rules need to be spelled out before hand. Some evolve though. Below are rules I use. ake 'em and make 'em your own.

  1. Gameplay starts at 9pm and concludes at 1am. Game can be extended if all agree.
  2. There is a $1 max bet (insert your own max); with a 3 raise max.
  3. Buy in is $10 or $20
  4. Smoking is only outside on the deck.
  5. Use only the downstairs bathroom
  6. Cards speak; it's a friendly game. If the player thinks he's got a straight and he's really got a flush - let him know.
  7. 5 of a kind is the highest poker hand (only with a wildcard); it beats a Royal Straight Flush.
  8. If you need to leave early, please let us know early in the house.
  9. Money Plays (You may want to start out with table stakes)
  10. Money Plays: We play with chips, if you need to pull some bills from your pocket, that's ok.
  11. Table Stakes: What's on the table is all you have to bet; a player may not be forced out of a hand for a lack of money. To complete a hand a player is allowed to go all in. After a hand you can put in more money, but not before.
  12. Low is none, high is one chip and two chips are both.
  13. A player can go both high, and low in a high-low game but must win (or tie) both the high and the low.
  14. It's common courtesy to bring something, beer, chips etc.
  15. Do not bend or mark the cards
  16. Everyone gets a chance to deal. The dealer chooses the game after the first round the table, which is Texas hold'em (keeps the betting down for the first 15 minutes)
  17. Gameplay is clockwise
  18. The lowest hand is A-2-3-4-6.
  19. If there is a misdeal before the first round of betting the cards are re-dealt. Misdeals after betting continue as normal play.
  20. You pay to see cards. If all players fold you have no rights to see the winner's hand.
  21. If you spill your drink, you toss a $1 in the pot.

There are other rules out there, here are a couple of others from the internet...

Once around the table... Once around the table...