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What you Need:

If you have watched any of the poker games on TV they say the only thing you need to win is a chip and a chair. You need a few more things if you want to run a game though.

I've broken it down into four fun categories.

  • Cards
    Get the breakdown on the most important ingredient of the game (other than the fish). What's the difference between cards? Find out.
  • Chips
    Getting set up with the right chips for your game makes it more fun and easy to run the game.
  • Playing Surfaces
    Is that old tablecloth good enough to play on? Maybe it is.
  • Other fun stuff
    Add a little spice to the game with some addons for the poker game.

For those with time deficit disorder, here is a Chinese menu shopping list:

Cards (choose 2)

Chips (Choose 1)

Playing Surfaces (choose 1)

Other Fun Stuff (Choose lots)

Shuffle up and deal... Let's Get Started...