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How to Win

The object of playing poker is to win.

Sure it's nice to get together with your friends, play a few rounds and have a couple of drinks. But the object is to win.

To this aim you want to remember a few tips.

  1. Timid players should be to your left
    Players that are call just about anything but are easily intimidated you want sitting on your left.
  2. Aggressive players you want on your right.
    This is so you can gauge how to bet on how strong your hand is.
  3. Deal games that give the dealer an edge.
    Check out our games section to see which games give you a little edge when you are dealing.
  4. Know your opponents.
    Know players that play loosely (will play almost any hand), and players that are really tight (will only play premium hands) and play accordingly.
  5. Don't be a calling station.
    Calling stations are players that will call any bet because they "have to see the hand". "It's only a quarter" is the wrong attitude when playing to win. You might get razzed if you fold with a bad hand, but in the long run it will save your money.
Don't spend more than you're willing to lose. If your tolerance is $10, don't wager $40 trying to get even.

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