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Pot Builder: No
Rounds of Betting: 5
Dealer's Edge: No
Number of Players: 4-7
Wildcards: Optional

This is a 7-card stud variant where the high hand and the high spade in the hole split the pot. As in stud, it can be dealt several ways. It can be dealt with a varying number of up or down cards. The most common variants are 2 down, 4 up and 1 down.

  • Play proceeds with the starting down cards and first up card dealt to each player.
  • Round of betting (High Card Begins the betting)
  • Another face-up card is dealt.
  • Round of betting
  • The cycle continues until all cards five cards (up and down) are dealt to each player.
  • Round of betting
  • Repeat until all up cards have been dealt. Then, if any down cards remain, deal each as a separate round as with the up cards.
  • High spade in the hole (down card) splits 1/2 the pot.
Adding a wild card such as duces or a joker. Wild card cannot be turned into a high spade (Duce-diamonds cannot become an Ace of Spades for the split, but duce of spades could win the high spade as a natural spade.)
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