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Poker Home Game, texas holdem poker hold'em how to


Pot Builder: No
Rounds of Betting: 3
Dealer's Edge: No
Number of Players: 3-7
Wildcards: Yes

In this 7-card high/low game (not 5 card) where high and low split the pot. Players can use all 7 of their cards to make the best hand.

  • Deal 5 cards down to each player
  • Each player turns up 3 cards (at the same time)
  • Round of betting (High Hand Begins the betting)
  • Each player receives 1 card up.
  • Round of betting (High Hand)
  • A final down card is dealt.
  • Round of betting (High Hand)
  • Best 7-card hand remaining in play wins the high pot, the low is 5 cards, A-2-3-4-6 being the best hand. There is no restriction on the low (not 8s or better).

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