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Out at Home

Pot Builder: Yes
Rounds of Betting: 4
Dealer's Edge: No
Number of Players: 3-11
Wildcards: 3's and 9's, 4's get another card

Out at Home is played with 3 cards (down) to every player snf four cards in a baseball formation (left). Three's and 9's are wild, 4's get all players an extra card.

  • Each player is dealt 3 cards down.
  • 4 cards are dealt face down on the table in a baseball diamond formation (see above).
  • Any 3's or 9's in a player's hand or on the board is wild.
  • Round of betting.
  • The Dealer flips the card at first base.
  • In addtion to 3's and 9's, any 4 that is revelaled at 1st, 2nd or 3rd base each player gets an additional card.
  • Round of betting.
  • Then the Dealer flips 2nd base card
  • Round of betting.
  • The dealer flips 3rd base
  • Round of betting.
  • Home, the card directly in front of the dealer is just an indicator card (you do not use it in your hand), it turned over.

    If home is a face card (Jack, Queen or King) then the hand is dead, and all remaining players re-ante and a new hand is dealt.(

A popular variant is having all players (in the hand) pay when a 3 or 9 are revealed on the board.

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