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Build and Burn

Pot Builder: Yes
Rounds of Betting: 6
Dealer's Edge: No
Number of Players: 3-10+
Wildcards: Yes

Bulid and Burn is a high/low split game where high poker hand wins the high and low points wins the low. A players hand is combined with 2 rows of community cards, the build row where a player builds a poker hand, and the burn row which is low points.

To determine low points, numbered cards (2-3-4-5-etc.) are face value, Aces are 1-point and picture cards are worth 10 points.

  • Each player is dealt four cards face down.
  • Two rows of 5 cards each (see above) are placed on the table (down).
  • The top row is the 'build' row, where players make the best poker hand (high). The bottom row is the 'burn' row, where if any of a players hole cards match the 'burn' they must discard and card of that rank.
  • Round of betting.
  • One 'build' card and its corrosponding 'burn' card are turned over.
  • Round of betting.
  • This cycle continues until all community cards are revealed.
  • Once all community cards are revealed, players must declare simultaneously whether they are going high poker (1 chip), low points (0 chips), or both (2 chips).
  • Of the players declairing "High Poker", The best 5 card using poker hand using a combination of a player's remaining hole cards and the 5 'build cards wins the high
  • For low points a player adds up the remaining cards in their hand for a total of points, lowest total points wins. Low points consist of face valued cards (2-10), Aces (1-point) and picture cards (10 points each).

If player declares both low and high, they must minimally tie both hands to win. If a player declares 'both' and only wins high (or low) then they win nothing.

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